I believe in the power of people.


In my weekly podcast, Relationship Power at Work, I explore the many ways that connect us as human beings. I aim to inspire you from within to become your best self and—in turn—bring out the best in those around you.


In January 2018 I will launch a new podcast. Elite Pro Gamers focusing on helping gamers turn pro, protecting what matters to them and leveling up beyond the current game they are playing.



And if you don’t have headphones, take a look at my blog for some quiet content.


Effective Results often require reflection. Here is a free site I have created that will never distract you with selling something
This is a place where you can invest a few minutes inspiring you to listen to yourself and take actions and return refreshed to your day – to take new action in the right direction for you and your organization. Bookmark it or others like it and go there to listen to the wider scope, refreshing yourself without forgetting while you are right here, right now.

The idea behind this site is Instead of giving in to the “resistance” of doing important things its easy to switching to lazy surfing, or fooling our self by doing non-important tasks just to “feel busy”
This site encourage you to “BE” with your resistance. Embrace Reality. Take responsibility for your discomfort and then take action that matters. Five minutes of Facebook won’t help you with anything important. Five minutes listening to that fear and taking a small action toward better will. Today!


When I started consulting I made many mistakes. They were the school that taught me the ways that brings me success today. I know now that most of my mistakes could have been easily avoided with better communication and producing the results that really mattered. Mattered both for myself, family, friends AND for my boss.


These are small, small actionable recommendations I wish I had a mentor wisper in my ear when I started consulting twenty years ago. They will be delivered to you in small, easy to digest and act on way. No fluff. Just a sentance or two on things to ponder, talk to your coworkers about and primarily. Take actions on.
Signup to today or read more here.

Helpful input to reinvigorate my mind. Short enough to not steal much time, wide enough to widen my mind.. the first links are often used by myself as a quick "mid-day" input break to increase the force of focus for better results