Links I often refer others to


Links I refer people to - for specific purposes - dont use the same passphrase in multiple places. Dont use your normal email, check using tools like this regularly (using our normal email will also waste your attention away from doing the hard work that produces your best results so its a multi-win for you)


Starting a responsible business. Some links that might help, please DONT make this into another "learn first and act later" experience. Start now and learn along the way. The world needs YOU out there doing things, not preparing to do things.
Also DONT use your normal email for any of these, stay focused on the results you want created, not what other people put in your inbox even if they're great people with great insight. ( textversion )

Seth Godins Freelancer ecourse

create an mastermind group to juggle, help and get challanged by. (no link sorry, find people close or remotely, the company you keep around you is so important so I had to make a note here)

free e-courses/other promotional freelancer startup guides that I recommend but I'm not affiliated in any way. Dont use your normal email, stay focused on your results.

B-School 6 Pillars 3video course (free/promotional to B-School) (direct) (direct) (what they send right now is free)