PeopleResult is a freelancer company where Richard 'Ric' help individuals and organisations levelup, become better and take leaps.
Of course this also includes embracing reality and becoming aware of what's important and doing the work that really matters.

What matters most to you and how can you get and give more of that?

Quote Ric “I simple help people in these four ways where I combine my nerdy computers skills with awake listening and an optimistic embrace of reality.”

1) First Ric try to people as much as possible with his free stuff

  • Relationship Power at work - the purpose of this podcast is making leaders kinder: help individuals and organizations to level up by empathy, generosity and clear boundary settings. Unlocking each of our potential can only be volunteered

  • listen in on this second interview with Ric at Entrepreneurs on Fire with John Lee Dumas

  • Check out Pro-Gamer Parent - helping parents connect better with their children by exploring ways to help create their their dream based on computer game play.
    The aim of this channel is also to sneak in some real life leveling up of our children
    We’re sitting too still for example so we weave in that message focusing on why it matters to what matters to their game-skills. Encourage physical training, better mindset, etc. Using Play to get your child to happines AND results in real life as well as ingame.

    Clarity is execution. Set a timer for X minute and sit with your resistance until you overcome it. Thus this a place on the web that will NOT nudge you or try to sell you something. People tell me they click around and return with energy and clarity for their task at hand way better than “a kittens on youtube break" ever did.

  • If you're even more curious on some of my current fumbling newstarter project take a look here - mostly stuff I do when my daughter is asleep

2) Mentor to Leaders: Helping individuals help others do the work that matter

Working with you I’m either your coach, for immediate results or your mentor for a big leap and longlasting effects.

Wise, strong-willed, and compassionate leaders bring out the full potential of each member of the team. But even great leaders have their share of struggles: business effect, fastchanging world, personal problems, relationships, health, being a lonely leader, having a challages with co-workers and the list goes on. Our inner game affects everything. Both how we feel about the work we’re doing but also the people around us and the bottom line result.

Ric helps people achieve something in life and businesses find a way to serve people better.
He does intimate discussions over Zoom and personal consultations. Ric also does walk-and-talk mentoring if you’re willing to travel to him in Stockholm.

While he is currently fully booked, feel free to drop your name on the waitlist to some free leadership materials while you wait.
DONT sigh up before checking out these free resources or books. My coaching is not for everyone.

Still want to sign up for leveling up your life and business? Answer this form and you'll be signed up to the waiting list. I promise I will get back to you quickly

Testimonials: recommendations from people you might know on Linkedin

3) Consulting: Helping organisations better do the work that matter

Every company needs people, tools, and leadership to get the job done. As companies grow, their processes get more complex. Add to that the complexity of constant A/B testing, fast business experiment. Automations, Algoritms and the connected economy and digital transformations. This is where Ric comes in. Simplifying, not in powerpoint but in your real life so your people can focus on doing more and better of that effective behaviour you want.

Ric have helped companies to new reveue and insights by harnessing the power of data since 1996 by identifing and bridging the gap between business value, highly technical people, tools and the leadership required to transform your organisation. Just one alone wont get the job done.
Ric is a tech wizard who also loves helping people become more of who they where meant to be. He is NOT available for assignments right now

Testimonials: The biggest consultant broker in europe made Ric “Consultant of the year 2013” out of 7500 consultants

4) Mastermind groups: helping individuals levelup in repetetive big leaps

I currently lead this type of mastermind groups

OptiPartner - A mastermind group of leaders who’s work or personality embody generosity, empathy and being a change agent. This is where you dare to be vulnerable about yourself and your dream and together we help you get there. Built 100% on your own effort level with the mindset “this might not work, but there is people needing it so I better try”
Its $400 a month and a longterm investment.
No signup without screening since its a investment into this group for everyone, not just you.