PeopleResult is a freelancer company where Richard 'Ric' help individuals and organisations levelup, become better and take leaps.
Of course this also includes embracing reality, data and becoming aware of what's important and doing the work that really matters.

I help technical leaders see what they bring to the table, see what they need to bring to the table to get seen and promoted. Most of that require empathy: For yourself, your customers, your boss, your co-worker. More work alone is never the key to unlock succes, awareness is.

Do you want to levelup your business? Really understand your potential, data or way of leading for better results and longer retention of your people?

1) Coaching: One on One coaching or mentoring

Working with you I’m either your coach, for immediate results or your mentor for a big leap and longlasting effects.

My coaching is not for everyone. Please do check out the resource page before commiting.

Sign up here, and answer the a few questions and we’ll be in touch today

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2) Consulting: Helping organisations better do the work that matter

Every company needs people, tools, and leadership to get the job done. As companies grow, their processes get more complex. Add to that the complexity of constant A/B testing, fast business experiment. Automations, Algoritms and the connected economy and digital transformations. This is where Ric comes in. Simplifying, not in powerpoint but in your real life so your people can focus on doing more and better of that effective behaviour you want.

Ric have helped companies to new reveue and insights by harnessing the power of data since 1996 by identifing what our customers want and bridging the gap between business value, highly technical people, tools and the leadership required to transform the culture of your organisation. Ric is a tech wizard who also loves helping people become more of who they where meant to be.

If you came here because you are curious about me personally you can read  here

If you came here because you are curious about me personally you can read here