Tap into the Larger Conversation

Tap into the Larger Conversation

The one in yourself, the one in your organisation and the ones going in by your customers. Tap into that, align with it and you will find both a greater connection and greater energy for taking initiative for the better. For you and those around you.

Listen to it and tap into it when you need help to give the new initiative a push. Listen to it and become aware of eventual hidden resistance. Listen to it and help those around you become aware of it so they too will have an easier time achieving what they what to archive.
All organisations have multiple “larger conversations” going on alongside with the daily one.
And internally, inside all of us, there are also multiple conversations going on at the same time with some stronger winds pushing some thoughts forward and pushing others away.

As Peter Drucker said – the most important thing in communication is listening for what’s not being said.

Perhaps the organisation has a larger conversation going on that you never talk about like the full cost of things. Only talking just what's visible on the table. Perhaps you have an organization-wide undertone that embraces risk? That salute and initiate for the chance that every tenth will bring in twenty-times the revenue. Or perhaps your organisation is afraid of risk – always pretending that all is well.

We all have these larger conversations going on inside of us all the time.  And if you are not aware of yours you won’t know they are controlling your options. The windows of your inner game blow you so strong in one direction that you won’t know that there actually are other options in this choice than just what you are thinking of right now. There always are.
Likewise for an organisation. If you are not aware of a reasonable cost, you can’t control it. If you are not aware of a reasonable time to market, you can’t push for it.
It’s the same when choosing your friends as well.

You know the old saying that you are the average of the ten people you spend the most time with?
I believe this is extremely important. The people around you, study after study conducted says, they actually effect yours and your team's effective output and productivity in such a large scale. Listen to the larger conversation.

Hang with those people that say it's possible and you will help them make it true.
If you hang with the people that say it's impossible, or way too costly, they will find a way to make that true too. As Henry Ford said, “if you say you can, or that you cannot – you will be right in both cases.”

I really want to encourage you to listen to your own, inner “larger conversation.”

Listen to the friends you’re investing your time with.

Listen to the organisation that you serve the most time.

Listen to that organisation's customers – what’s the larger conversation going on? How can you serve all of them better? One crucial point: sometimes you encounter things that are in the larger conversation that doesn’t serve you.

You can’t change other people. You can only change yourself. If you don’t like the “larger conversation” inside you, you can change that. If you become aware of your patterns, you can tap into the “larger conversation” – doing so is a great way to give you energy to get the results you want.

What are your tips of really tapping into the larger conversations?

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