Comfort zone - we all have in common it could be bigger

What is the comfort zone for you? Defining our comfort zone is sort like defining our own powers, isn’t it? If you let that blinking red light or subtle warning tape, you are already well aware of the floor stop or maybe you’re willing to step beyond its boundaries to get what you really want.

Do the work that really matters to you or those around you.

Easier said than done, isn’t it? I believe there will always be boundaries we fear to cross. We’re just learning how to extend our own place of “harmony and regenerating energy” and the power it brings.

I also believe the comfort zone is always shrinking. At least I know mine is, so taking actions to extend it is the only way I won’t find myself in a corner eventually.
Do you think about your comfort zone much? And more importantly where you want it to be today and in the future?

Two things I did this month, that might not be big to you but to me, it is to dare face those butterflies in my stomach. It was allowing myself to be interviewed by John Lee Dumas on – I trust him deeply, having had the luxury of getting some quick live coaching from him in person when we met in 2014 so I have a full trust on him.
But knowing his podcasts get 1.2 million downloads a month makes my knees tremble still. And I know that made my voice tremble nervously in our podcast.
Still, I expect that when I do new things, it’s OK to be vulnerable.
I share this hoping to inspire you to be kind to yourself when doing new things.
Hoping this message will make it easier for you to dare do new things. Extending YOUR comfort zone isn’t easy. If it was, that would be IN the comfortable place not outside it. Don’t expect to excel when you do that. That comes later.

I’ve gotten invites to be a guest on others' podcast before and just the thought of doing that has made me nervous enough not to try. Now I know I can. Thus the nervousness is lessened greatly.

Eventually, IF I try it again, and again, it will become a lot less. And that will make it easier to focus on the value their host think I can add to their audience instead of focusing on the fear of risking appearing new and fumbling as a guest. They’re not listening to guess how often I’ve done podcasting. They’re listening for things to make their lives better. And I do believe in my message. I shouldn’t let my fear of the recorder stop me… but sure, the fear is still there. Just as I know I smile fondly at my mistakes in a computer code I made 20 years ago. Now that I know more about the world, I will smile fondly at my mistakes in John's podcast recording of me, knowing so much more about myself and the world then than now. Just like you will in anything you choose to endeavor in your life.

So I encourage you. Be kind to yourself today but try to dare to tip at least a toe outside your comfort zone.  Don’t let anyone else tell you what’s easy and what’s hard. What’s scary or what's not supposed to be. Only you know that, and if you listen, you know when you’re fooling yourself too so please I beg you. Tip your toe

Your future you will always know more than you do today. Don’t let those thoughts stop you from doing something today that builds towards your future. Don’t wait until you’re ready to leap, then you’ve waited too long in 99% of the cases.

On that note, I will also encourage you to try the actionable tip of the day newsletter I created this month. It’s just a few sentences aiming to encourage you to follow some “mini-small” actionable advice – and talk and tweak it with your co-worker to make it even better.

You’ll find it here

 And talking about stepping outside your comfort zone and going beyond it I also want to recommend these sources of great insights that might help you as well:

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