This might not work, but I'm trying to help Pro-Gamer Parents make a difference


Trying new things is important for growth.
Things change, worldviews change. We need to embrace that if we don’t work on extending our comfort zone it shrinks automatically.

During the summer break I started a Youtube channel thinking to myself “this might not work” – but it if does I’m helping people I want to help with things that matter the most to them. The success of their children AND their own connection to their children.

The purpose of this channel is helping parents help their kids create a healthy, successful happy life based on their passion for computer game play.
Other purposes include
* Helping parents connect better to their children, for some parents is worlds colliding

* Helping computer gamers embrace reality and level up both in-game as well as in real life.

o   Between game talk I’m also sneaking in the importance of a healthy body in order to have an effective game, since the brain is boosted by a healthy body. Often the problem isn’t computer games themselves, it’s that we for sample sit still too much. Sitting still is killing the modern world like few other things. Most really successful esport champions embrace the importance for physical training in order to deliver in the esport tournaments for example.

o   Likewise will I share optimistic worldviews of how important a healthy mindset is for any form of success in life, and especially for pursuing becoming best in something where there is a global completion?

o   You get the idea: while we help them become best of the best, we’re also helping them build a healthy life with a healthy mind, body, relationships and skills for other careers as well


What is it for? Helping parents help their child make a successful, happy living based on their dream: Computer Game play

Who is it for? Parents who believe in the positive effect of “State of Play”, Parents who wants their children to learn to lead in solving interesting problems for those that matter to them. With “interesting” being their own choosing. Parents who embrace that they are responsible for their childrens start, not other parties like school, governments, etc.. Nor are they curling them either but they realize that the potential in other people can only be volunteered, but they’ll happily do some heavily lifting themselves if it helps their child. Notice that most of the work we’ll do on this channel is about connecting and emotional labor to make a difference. There won’t be any quick fixed in this channel. But I promise you that your connection to your child will become better. And hopefully you’ll both level up in the real life in the process

Interested? Check it our here:, and more importantly. Spend time with your child, doing things that matter to her/him.