Do you have the leadership and clarity at business, operations and infrastructure to levelup the effects of OmniChannel, IoT, Big Data


Digital Transformation. Digital is the new revenue driving force.

Information is the new gold.

Do you have the leadership and clarity at business, operations and infrastructure to levelup its effects?


Big Data and Internet of things. How does this apply to my teams everyday behaviour. Helping us act on key metrics and everyday insights?


How to become ready for this shift?


First we need to accowledge the hard work operations and infrastructure is doing. We need to embrace reality of what is legacy and needs to be kept of all that is. Embrace reality first and create the future. If we ONLY live in the future, we're not building it. I firmly believe in the quote by Peter Drucker "the best way to predict the future is to create it" - and I work alot with data driven predictions. Still that alone, without behaviour change of our team today the change that matters most will not happen.


Digital Transformation, Operational BI and the importance of

infrastructure and well oiled listening processes


Now is the time to thank the heroes at infrastructure for their hard work, because it’s about to pay off when all organisations starts to realize “information is their most valuable asset” alongside with the digital transformation required to support omnichannel, fast-speed, trustworthy analytics across. Catalogs. print. RFID trace data, auto-inventory, Order-online-pickup-in-a-minute in your closest location,auto-ad placements on RFID tags. Location based customer movements. Online behaviour. Marketing insights. Events activities and insights. Surveys. Focusgroups data – and a lot more now connecting the dots creating easier ways fastpasted ways to revenue connected to a mix of processes.


This requires we trust infrastructure, and that we proactively work with getting the best of their work. Problem solving is the best way to learn, and InO work great with problem solving. The rest of the organisation needs to become better at listening to their insights. And Infrastructure needs to be better at creating ambassadors setting $values on process, activities and data to support change. Drop Sunc cost in a transparent way OR get ready to defend legacy that the new and latest requirement specifiers turn a blind eye to because it’s not easy digestible.


This does not have to mean a lot of extra time, working better will ensure we do this while also doing the hard work we do each day. But it’s a learning process. When I started this podcast you’re listening to it took me most of a weekend to get an episode live. Now Podcast only takes about a few minutes per episode to get live. I might invest 15-30 minutes in total every week to produce this. Its that easy ONCE we turn elite, but I was lousy at it in the beginning. Same here, we need to learn better to actively listen for the value of our processes and how to make the effect that is important, not just out of historical reasons. Meanwhile we must also be aware of the power of legacy and you cant just pull a plug because no-one dares to invest into opening it up.


How can you delegate more effectively so you’ll make time to firmly grasp the most important work? How can you delegate bigger tasks to challenge and grow your people so they’ll stay longer WHILE also train them to delegate in the same manner? Are you following up on Retention KPI? Are you sure you’re not bleeding top performers?


Digital Transformation is hotter than ever and has been hot for years, GDPR is the new hot – both of these make infrastructure our unsung heroes – It’s time to become more aware! It’s time to stop managing and start leading in this new era of internet of things and data sensors everywhere.


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