Organisational development, Psychosynthesis and leading high impact change


Organisational development, Psychosynthesis and leading high impact change

I want to share tribute to three courses that has had a great impact on the way I work and the results I bring my clients.


  1. Seth Godin's altMBA.
  2. Organisationskonsult
  3. Manager-Tools Effective Manager


Seth Godin's altMBA is a month-long intense course I took 2016 Mars. You can read more about my experience and the lingering effects of it here


Organisationskonsult was for me a 4-year long Organisations-konsult course. This Swedish title means "Consultant that work with making organisations more effective and healthy from other perspectives as well from the Psychosynthesis perspective"

I say its a 3 year long course because its a one-year addon to their mandatory 2 year long course. The 3rd year adds Organisational-change-driving insights. The 2nd year adds interdependency or "other people insights" and the first year is all about getting insight into your own behaviour.

However this was in 2011 and I had much yet to learn (I still do dont get me wrong) so I started with their one year long MentorAkademin course where we focused greatly on the business perspective of organisational and leadership development. This course served me well even if it actually meant I started "backwards" in their "educational" ladder.

This course was great in learning how to communicate to myself AND others to get to the important work that makes a difference.


Manager-Tools Effective Manager I have been listening to Manager-Tools since I was a very young leader, back in 2005 it was this podcast and security now I always followed. And acted on their advice because it really helped me and the people I lead do more with less.

This is their 3 day on-site training that I recommend to anyone working with leading people. Both people they can do one-on-ones with and lead directly, as well as leading people they need a change of behaviour, or other results from but have no levereage


I recommend these three courses combined for anyone who needs to level up the effect they get from themselves or together with other people.


My wish would be that all leaders had the combination of these three leadership courses. One focused on the business, customer and student journey. And the other two on the softer skills of leading people - which in the end, there are no soft skills. They all are very much hard requirements in getting the important job done.