What’s YOUR style of play? This is not a quickfix


When I was a young leader of my first team I was desperately longing for a quick checklist to follow.

Something that could guarantee if I followed its guidance I’d be great manager to those I served.

I was around 20 years old and very afraid to fail. I was very afraid to show how vulnerable I felt. In my responsibility for other results, productivity and their long term wellbeing.

Somehow I thought that made me an insecure leader that would yield less results.

Today I say the opposite, embracing vulnerability makes us strong. Embracing failures makes us accomplish more.

Today I know that holding up my shield like I did back then, not showing my true “scared parts” self made me less easy to connect to.  Made me more “blank”

My aim with this podcast is to be a gift for your long term benefit. For the life and work for yourself and those around you. Not a provider of templates or checklists for the generic solutions.

I want to help you explore more of YOUR unique ways of connecting to people.

To help you find own unique potential. Your individual ways to help those around you accomplish the same.

We’re all surrounded by ads and noise for packages to buy. Or articles to invest your time in reading telling you what to do so you can feel safe.

Playing at your fear of loss, playing of your itch for safety, for guarantees, for “top 3 things for better X”


I don’t want to go that way contrary to advices from lots of people. They keep telling me that’s the smart way to increase my downloads or monetize this podcast but that’s not WHY I do this.

This podcast is primarily a gift I want to give. Like Dalai Lama and Mahatma Gandhi say, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. This is podcast episode number 191 and not one podcast so far has been created with the purpose of making money.
My purpose is helping others.


If I can help just one person day feeling more like they belong where they are. Or daring to make a healthy leap that change things for the better that’s all the reward I need. This is my style of helping, even if it was awkward and scary when I started.

What style of play in your life? What’s important boundaries for you? What’s worth doing for you, even if you think you might fail?


First, you must know yourself. What type of service do you want to offer? How do you want to serve others?

Next will be about creating your own guidelines that works with you. It does not matter what everybody else is doing. It does not matter whether it is not indicated in the book of the famous author or speaker. What matters is those are helping you to become better.


Another thing that you should not worry about is the fear of loss. We can see there are so many countdown and deadlines that drives you to click on this and purchase on that. But flash sales and these marketing strategies makes us think differently. It creates an unwanted pressure and confusion on our part. Although, I would agree that this is effective. But still, it does not help you unleash your full potential. Find ways to less noise and more of your own actions.

At the end of the day, it does not matter who you follow and what book you read.
What matters is that you’re taking more responsibility in creating your own breakthrough. You will find your individual way.

You can definitely do it. What step can you take today to embrace your reality a bit more? What’s your style of play and how can you dare allow more of THAT to be seen by those you serve?