Time with your most important people.. and what story the data tells


Time with your most important people.. and what story the data tells
Blissful time with your most important people? Check your stats and think again..


Christmas is coming up. Remind yourself to be there slightly more than usual for those you care about. Be mindful, present and let a few of those noises rest until after Christmas.

I recently revisited this article

It reminded me that, according to their statistics which I believe:

After we graduate we’ve used up 93% of our in-person time with our parents. Our time with siblings are very close to that numbers as well.

Likewise with dear friends moving out of town, or perhaps you moved somewhere. You might think it’s obvious but the important question is. Are you doing something about it?

What small decision can you make today to increase this most precious time you’ve got? Now that you realize you are on the last 5% with some of the people that are the closest to you?

Put the device down is just a habit. Perhaps there is something other than you think you’ll invest in later. Perhaps a trip together. Anything small, an hour without thinking of later is valuable enough. Don’t delay. You don’t know if you’ll get there all of you.
The worst that can happen is you’ll get multiple trips together and that’s quite a good thing, crunching the numbers of your life isn’t it?

Be present for those you care about. IF they’re not worth delaying a facebook update from a stranger. Perhaps you should reconsider who you’re spending the time with and make more time for those that are worth it?


Counting backwards has its merits.
Taking an exam while holding a list of answers in hand is easy.

Yet when it comes to time, who has been my most persistent, consistent and generous teacher it’s easy to forget. What most of us treasure is time spent in with the (few) people that really matter around us. I keep forgetting and getting lost with all the shines, squirrels and wonderful magic out there. Thinking I can do this tomorrow, but eventually no one of us can. Be grateful for what you’ve got, and work to get and give more of it.

It doesn’t matter who your choice of those people are. This is your choise alone. it’s easy to forget how saying yes to all the noise and people wanting in on our attentions. Forgetting that not taking a conscious decision crowd out time for the people that matter.

Christmas can also be hard. If so be kind to yourself and those around you. This advice of course, goes beyond just Christmas. But chance are you’re seeing some long-time friends or relatives of yours. Dare to put tension to say no to the people you’re just hanging out with out of habits this year. Dare to be really present with those you choose. Time is ticking. Remember to enjoy most of those ticks. And help those around you get your bliss too.

Act now and you will most likely tenfold the time you get with the people that matter to you. Compared to if you let inertia and others make that choice for you.