Behave like your manager, client or customer pay you double for your result


What if you behaved like your manager, client or customer payed you double for your results?

Your ability to ask yourself the important questions determines more than you think.

Treat your clients, customers, managers like they pay you a lot more than you do.
How would you behave differently if that was the case? What’s stopping you from doing that right now?
What should you have to learn in if that was the case? What more results would you want to give them if that was the case?
What would you say no to so you can focus on this customers value, the results that matter for them?
What would you “step up” extra for getting done?
IF you don’t feel like behaving like that. Then ask yourself why and use that insight to find people you DO want to treat like that.

If you’re giving expecting nothing in return, no-one can take advantage of you. You choose who you want to serve. Choose people and causes you want to give yourself whole-hearted to.
If you don’t feel you want to. That’s your responsibility to find better causes and people to serve.
Accept that you have to treat everyone as volunteer.

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