Borrowing Happiness from tomorrow.


Borrowing Happiness from tomorrow.
Making the best of today to enjoy both now and tomorrow

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Uncomfortable now rather than resentful later – by Brene brown

Don’t shrink, don’t Puff. Brave and vulnerable at the same time. Healthy Boundaries

When was the last time you choose to set a boundary by choosing to be uncomfortable now for a better future? How well do you like your yesterday’s you? What do you think you’re pushing or procrastinating that you deep down know your future you will have to solve. Will WAY less time or resources that you have in your hands right now?


Borrowing Happiness from tomorrow is something I heard from Matt Mullenweg
Use the quote in any way that make you favor action to make things better today. For both today AND your future self.

Life is ticking by fast. And you don’t know what your future hold, but you know for sure, a few small things that you’re pushing ahead more than you really want to.

1990 is just as far away from today, that 2046
With that in mind. What do you think your future self will thank you for in 2046
A lot of things has changed? Back then you for example almost never asked anyone “where are you” live or on voice, because you knew, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to ask them.